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Exploring the human side of healthcare so we can help the Person as well as address the pathology

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Where do you go when the clinical skills just aren’t cutting it anymore?

Today great healthcare providers need BOTH clinical skills and human skills!

Have you been practicing long enough to have noticed the limitations of just chasing “clinical” skills. Perhaps that latest clinical course didn’t change our practice or the outcomes we’re getting the way we hoped it would.

The new wave of healthcare needs to be person-centered. Experts keep telling us that we need to bring in these BIG lofty concepts like (1) empathy, (2), respect (3), engagement, (4), relationship, (5) communication, (6) shared decision-making, (7) holistic focus, (8), individualized focus, and (9) coordinated care into our practice without actually helping us do that. 

It gets frustrating, and there is only so much a Motivational Interviewing course can ease that frustration.

Join the #1 community for improving the human side of your healthcare practice

What we want is a space to learn from experts, and an interdisciplinary team of peers, the human skills of healthcare that Universities don’t teach us. 

We want expert, evidence-informed advice that we can put into our practice today.

AND we want a caring, fun team to explore these ideas with, test them out, support each other in evolving our practice, and hold ourselves accountable.

What we want to achieve

  • Great patient outcomes

  • True person centered care

  • High levels of confidence and enjoyment in our practice even on the tough days

  • Redefining the concept of how healthcare is practiced

And we'll do this through focusing on

  • How to connect with the people you care for

  • How to optimise our own performance so we can show up at our best

  • Challenging the biases that us and our professions hold so we can move past them

  • We’ll build a toolkit of skills so that we don’t try and “fix” every problem with a hammer

  • We’ll deepen your understanding of principles, as well as tactics so we can apply them to complex scenarios

The human side of healthcare can be hard, we've got you covered!

Access to experts

Thankfully more and more people are talking, thinking, and researching the Human side of healthcare. Through the magic of the internet we'll bring you interviews with researchers, clinicians, patients, and thought leaders who are leading the way in this space.

Compassionate questioning

Consuming information is great, BUT to get the most out of it we need to reflect on it and apply it to our own context. We've curated a series of questions to help you go deeper on the information that is presented. AND each week we'll get together live to share our reflections and expand our thinking and practice (specialist members).

A safe space for sharing

Social media can be great for learning BUT it's also full of angry clinicians yelling their biases at each other and not listening. Here we've got a supportive interdisciplinary team who are open learning from each other, and understand that there are many different ways to do things. We'll have weekly discussion points to share practical ideas, as well as monthly problem solving discussions (specialist members). PLUS space for you to pose questions, ask for advice, and contribute to discussion when you feel comfortable to do so.


Reading a research paper can be a little dry. Fun actually enhances our learning, so that's what we'll aim to have. If you're not having fun please stick up your hand because we need to bring some more in.

We're humanising healthcare one person at a time, come and join us today.

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